Peyton Hope, my greatest gift

Hello everyone,

My name is Alexis and I’m 24 from MD. I’ve been feeling very lost and alone and hoped I could connect with others who have too been through the same as me. At 21 I found out I was pregnant. At first I was shocked and scared, but my boyfriend, family and friends rallied around me. I was so happy, even through all the morning sickness and even went to a company to find out my baby’s gender as soon as I could. I was having a baby girl, Peyton Hope. My world was absolutely complete now and I couldn’t wait for October 25, 2019. I went to one of my monthly appointments thinking everything was a routine check up until they could not find her heart beat. The next sequence of events have changed my life forever. The doctor I had, had no bedside manners and showed me Peyton on the ultrasound screen, pointed to her heart and said it’s not beating. That is when my whole heart shattered. I knew my greatest gift was gone and I would forever be changed. I ended up having a procedure done bc I could not fathom the thought of giving birth and not bringing my baby home. This new hospital i was at though has amazing and supportive staff that I will forever be grateful for unlike the other one. I still struggle so much with Peyton’s loss and play over and over what could of went wrong at 25 weeks. I see an amazing therapist now and she’s helped so much with the grief process, but I still feel so off some days. I want to start a family soon, but so scared of the possibilities

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  • Thank you for sharing your story and we are so so sorry for the loss of your little girl. Please consider joining our Community Facebook Group to connect with others who share similar experiences where you can express your thoughts and feelings in a safe space and find guidance through others,
  • Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry you had to go through that. Some doctors can lack much needed compassion. I am sure your beautiful Peyton will forever be in your heart.