Loss of my baby girl .

I'm was 23 years old when I found out i was pregnant, that being last year February. I was in Campus almost completely it was mixed emotions for me . I was excited yet scared to be a mom. My boyfriend is the same age as me in the same campus. I had to go back home for the school holidays and we got separated . I dealt with the pregnancy mostly alone coz i never discussed it openly with my parents. During the long distance he had his life going on normal and some point stopped checking up on me. On October 31 i went to labor n had to have a c Section since the child had popped in the womb already as i was told by the doctors. I gave birth to my first born being a beautiful baby girl who was born with breathing problems. She later pasted on on November 1st at 1:10pm a day later . I went through the hardest time in my life seeing her struggle . I can still remember how beautiful she was and how determined she was to live. She really fought to stay until she couldn't no more. It's few months later i still can get over it. It hurts Soo much . I miss my baby girl. Wish I could do something to have her back. I don't know if it will ever get better but this pain is too much to bare. Especially today on mother's day