Living with a Loss? Angel Parents check in here..

Living with a little one in your heart instead of in your arms can be full of bittersweet days.  Comfort can be found among other "angel parents".  Living a New Normal is a place to share your days and memories with other parents who understand.

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    I've been chewing on this quote for some time now... I LOVE IT.  I'm not sure why... but it tugs at just the right place- equal parts reality and hope?

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    Brittanyjo -- so sorry to hear about the loss of Nathan. Losing a child is one of the hardest journeys in life -- one no one should ever have to take. I'm glad that you found share.

    Marissa and others -- I understand how you feel about Mother's Day. I felt down too ... wishing I had all four of my kids here; wishing that I would be acknowledged as a mom to all four of my kids. Such a bittersweet day.


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    I am so glad to hear that you have found a wonderful OB. Sometimes it really can make all the difference. Hoping that July comes quickly for you and that she lives up to her reputation:)


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    I was just recommended to a new doctor and I hear such wonderful things about her, I just have to wait until July for an appointment. I'm hoping she is as good as everyone says! So now just to wait and see what July will bring!!

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    Hi brittanyjo. Welcome to Share. I am so sorry for your loss of your sweet Nathan Richard.  I just read your story.  It's terrible that the doctors were not more compassionate and have not returned your calls. I know it's hard not knowing why your little boy died.  We never found out what went wrong in my first pregnant either.  Maybe your current doctor can put in a call. It's part of your medical history, so it's important for your doctor to know.

    It is wonderful that you are giving back by making preemie hats and studying medicine.  Both are a beautiful way to honor your son.  



  • I am new to this and just wanted to say hello to everyone.

    Last October I was around 6 months into my pregnancy and found out something was wrong and after being sent to a specialist, lost our baby boy Nathan Richard. I We were told it was possibly from hydrops but still haven't found out for sure. I have my full story on my profile but just wanted to quickly introduce myself on here. (:

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    I would love to hear what other's thought too.  I couldn't watch it was a afraid it would make me too sad.  I agree with what my husband said though he told me he's glad they did a movie so other people can watch it and see what it is we go through.

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    Wondering if anyone was able to watch the movie "Return to Zero" that premiered on Lifetime this weekend.  I wasn't available to watch at the time it was on but would love to hear reactions from anyone who did have the opportunity to see it.

    I'm sure it would be near impossible to view and relive those hardest moments, but maybe it would be cathartic at the same time.  Having someone experienced with this loss and able to create a movie could be quite validating to the experiences many of us have gone through.  Interested to hear any thoughts.

    Also, kudos to everyone for enduring through Mother's Day and thank you Akeelah's Mommy for the beautiful post.

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    I completely agree. I spent yesterday cleaning the house and catching up on laundry and trying to pretend it was just a normal Sunday. It was actually probably the worst Mother's Day I have ever had and I am sure it's because I wanted so badly to pretend that it was just another day. I think our hearts always know otherwise.

    I too hope that I can make some plans for next year that make the day more bearable.

    lots of hugs,


  • Mother's Day grief snuck up on my this year and hit me hard. I didn't even figure out what was going on until I was getting ready for bed last night and it was too late to make the day better.  The weekend was busy and felt a little out of control.  There was some foot stomping and yelling and yesterday my boys told me it was the worst day ever (they were over it two seconds later, but it stings to hear that on Mother's Day).  

    And then at 11pm, while I was thinking about a dress I am wearing to a wedding this weekend, my mind drifted to the wedding I went to the weekend before my twins were born.  And it hit me.  I didn't do anything special to acknowledge Randi and I think that's why I was so bent out of shape all day.  

    So since I couldn't make the day better at 11pm, I went and apologized to my boys in their sleep and I'm making a plan for next year.  Mother's Day is hard for us, pretending its not, or that it shouldn't be anymore, just makes it worse.


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    Thank you, Lauren, for always thinking of others. Very beautiful post.


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    Wow Lauren, this is so perfect:) Love to everyone as these particular holidays roll around and can hurt so very much.

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    That's beautiful Lauren.  Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I will be keeping everyone close in my thoughts this week.

  • Thinking of my fellow angel mommas as Mother's Day approaches.  One of those bittersweet days.  I hope everyone find a way to mark the day in a way that is right for them.