Incompetent Cervix


June 2015, I was 19 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my daughter when I experienced strong contractions and had to rush to the ER. There the doctor told me that I was about to have her and she would not survive. I was unable to move when they admitted me, the doctor broke my water bag, I was bleeding and had bulging membranes. It was extremely hard for my husband and I to go through that loss.

I am currently 19 weeks and 6 days pregnant with a girl. Because I did experience two miscarriages (1st one in 2013), I found a High Risk Doctor in my area and provided my pregnancy history. I went in every week for ultra sound check and did routine blood work. At 15 weeks the doctor saw that I was funneling and cervix measured at 2.3 cm. Immediately, I was schedule to get cerclage.

The procedure took about 12 mins. I waited about 2 hours to recover from the anesthesia. Doctor told me no intercourse, placed me on strict bedrest and prescribed me Makena injections to be taken every week . The only time I get up is to use the bathroom, get something to eat and go to doctor appointments; fortunately I was able to get a home nurse to give the Makena shots.

Throughout the entire pregnancy, I have been experiencing lots of pain when I try to get a comfortable position to sleep or walk. The pain is consistent in my pelvic area where it feels like a lot of pressure. I do not take any pain medication for this because the doctor said it's baby getting bigger which causes my bones to move around making space for the baby.

My next pre-natal appointment is Monday, I will be 20 weeks. I do pray I make it to 3rd trimester with a healthy baby girl.

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    Hi there..

    I lost my baby girl at 26 wks due to cervical incompetence. I am pregnant again. Dr. advised me cervical cerclage. I had it placed (mcdonalds stitch) at 17 weeks. Everything was going good till 28 wks when I went for my regular check up. Usg showed cervical funneling with membranes and cervical length reduced to 1.5cm. Dr advised me complete bed rest. Since then I am feeling great deal of pressure in my vagina. I am 29 weeks pregnant now and really scared. Please share your story if the same thing has happened to any1 of you, and at what week did you deliver.
  • Hi there, just checking in with you to see how you all are doing. Keep us posted!!

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    Hi ladies. Im 19wks as of today. I went to doctor and got my cervix checked by ultrasound and got measured at 1.2 cm. Im so nervous and anxious. This is my three pregnancy. My first was with my son born at 28 weeks and i dont know why back in 2008. But he is a healthy boy. Last year i experienced grief by losing my first daughter. She was born on labor day and born at 17weeks. I am praying that i can make it to at least 24 weeks within the third trimester. I have already passed the mark of when i miscarried. So im excited by that. But its still a concern in my head of waiting and being patience for my baby girl to come. So now i have to see doctor every week and on bedrest with my nurse coming out to give me makena injections and a cerclage was in placed at 12 weeks. This will be my support group to keep me going strong. See you soon. Im praying for all of you.
  • Hello,

    Im glad to see someone going through the same situation as me. On May 25, 2017, I went into the ER due to vomiting, lower abdominal pain, lower back pain & brown blood. The doctor did a pelvic exam and found that I was 3 cm dilated with bulging membranes. I was told termination was the only option.

    I have PCOS, this is my 1st baby so I refused to terminate him, demanded a 2nd opinion & was transported to a high risk hospital where a cerclage was performed that Saturday. So far everything is going good. I had a few small blood clots, today had made a week since the surgery and today I had no site of blood clots.

    I did have a little pressure but has since minimized. My doctor has prescribed me intravaginal progesterone which seems to be helping. Im making sure to say hydrated which is very important.

    I wish you that best hun. You will make it to full term, pray on the situation & let go of it, god will handle it. This is definitely not an easy situation to deal with but pray, pray, pray!

    ~ Claire