My wife, Amanda, is expecting. This is her fifth pregnancy and in 4 - 6 weeks she have to have a procedure (cerclage) done to help her carry the baby full term. Amanda's second pregnancy brought us a beautiful girl (Rebecca) at 23 weeks gestation. She fought so hard to stay with us as long as she could, but past away 40 days later. The third pregnancy our son (Caleb) tried to do the same thing at 18 weeks. The doctor sent my wife to a specialist to place a cerclage. With the cerclage our son made it all the way to 38 weeks. During the forth pregnancy, our son (Ezekiel) tried to make an appearance at 19 weeks. The specialist did the same procedure and he made it to 37 weeks.

In the past, we had help with other insurances to help cover the cost. This time we do not have that help. The insurance deductible of $4,000 wil have to paid-in-full in order to have the specialist to place a cerclage. The doctor said my wife will not make it more than 20 weeks and the baby would not live if the procedure (cerclage) is not done. This is a matter of life or death. At this point we can just have to hope and pray the baby is not born early as in the past.

We have already applied to see what other help we can get, but we do not qualify. We have reached out to many originations and no one is able to help. Employer will not able to withdraw from retirement.  

I know this is short notice, but anything at this point would help us tremendously.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please feel free to share.

Facebook: Gregory Martin or Amanda Nicole Vega (Fundraiser: Baby Martin)

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  • Thanks for posting your story, we're here to offer any words of encouragement to help you and your family cope with your journey. Keep us posted on how your wife and baby are doing, I hope she's able to get the cerclage, as I know that's what your doctors have said she needs.

    Thinking of you all!
  • Hello, and welcome to Share. I hope that your wife was able to get the cerclage, and that the baby and she are fine. Please check in and let us know.