Questions about Makena

Hi everyone,  I'm Jenny,  and my some Oscar was born at 31 weeks after a week of spontaneous preterm labor in 2016.  I had a miscarriage last year and I'm 10 weeks pregnant again now.  I am a midwife myself and so suffer from the "too much knowledge is detrimental" syndrome.  

An OB I work with just pointed me to an article that the subcutaneous (SQ) Makena injections were never tested for efficacy prior to going to market and that the intramuscular (IM) are no longer available.  A new study JUST came out (the PROLONG study) that was a double blind randomized controlled trial that showed NO benefit to progesterone supplementation to prevent a subsequent preterm birth.

I also heard that Makena increases your risk of having gestational diabetes and possibly has effects on the sex hormones specifically of female fetuses.  

I of course want to do what's best for my baby to make it to full term and for her future health.

I would be so grateful to hear from those who have taken Makena: did you have a full term delivery afterwards?  Were there any side effects you experienced?  Did you have gestational diabetes?

Thank you so much, I am grateful for this community.