Cervical incompetence?

Hello all, I am new here and I desperately need inputs

This is my 7th pregnancy, I lost the previous six, 2 of them before 8 weeks, 4 between 12-14 weeks.

With this current pregnancy I had a Vaginal cerclage fixed at 10 weeks, I spent a week in the hospital I was then sent home with a closed cervix measuring 2.9

Two weeks later I returned to the hospital for check up, my cervix at opened! Dilated at the internal is and was measuring just 1.5cm to the stitch!

I couldn't believe it, I had been on bed rest! They told me the option is to do another cerclage or bed rest. The Dr said he won't do another cerclage because it's too risky and recommended only hospital bedrest till term

I eventually got another hospital that did the second stitch, I am 3 days post the second stitch and not leaking fluid but I will be on bed rest till term

Do I have any hope of keeping this pregnancy, has anyone done two cerclages in one pregnancy especially that early? I have searched and searched on the internet and haven't found any story similar to mine. Can I and the baby survive bedrest for 20 weeks+

Please share your story/opinion I am losing my mind