Any successful cerclages after a failed one?


I got pregnant with our first child at 24 y/o. I spotted on and off my first trimester and at 17 weeks I started having contractions that lead to my water breaking. The baby was still alive but the doctors told me he wouldn’t survive long with out the fluid and I was at a high risk of getting sepsis so I decided to get induced. We had baby and placenta examined after. Baby would have been perfect anatomically but my placenta had an infection I believe. But doctors weren’t sure why and couldn’t say if it was IC.

I got pregnant again with our second baby a couple months later. Once again I started spotting on and off during my first trimester. The doctor ordered frequent u/s to check on my cervix and said he would start me on makena at 20 weeks. At 18 weeks I went in for my anatomy scan and they found that I was funneling. I had 1 cm of cervix left. They rushed me to hospital and I had an emergency cerclage placed that night. I got BV and yeast infections from having the foreign object in me but I made it to 26 weeks 2 days before I started losing my mucus plug and dilating so they did an emergency cesarean. The cerclage tore my cervix a bit. My baby is fine now and a warrior.

There’s no doubt now that I have IC. I would like to go on to have another child but I am terrified of having another preemie. I will definitely be consulting an MFM before trying but my regular OB said he “doesn’t know what would hold those babies in.” Im generally curious to know if they would want to do a TAC or a vaginal preventative cerclage with progesterone.  anyone gone on to have a successful FULL TERM cerclage after a failed one?

What was your plan of care?