chemical pregnancy

Sorry in advance that this is long but I’m feeling so defeated. I have had 3 healthy pregnancies. We decided we wanted one more baby. I had chemical pregnancies in august and october, back to back. I’m very sensitive to getting pregnant and I know almost right away when it happens. In the fall, I had excruciating back pain that happened in conjunction to the loss that stopped once I started bleeding. My OB said there was no connection. I’ve been going to acupuncture since and finally decided to try again this month. I ovulated really early (day 9) but noticed pregnancy symptoms two days later that continued. My acupuncturist confirmed my suspicions last Wednesday. I have taken several tests, all faintly positive. Today, I began feeling back pain in the exact same spot (lower right side) and I don’t “feel” pregnant anymore. My period isn’t for another few days. I’m just feeling like I dont know what to do next and that this can’t just be a coincidence like my OB suggests.

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