Cervical Cerclage at 22w...

My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage happened last year due to cervical insufficiency in 20w6d.

Im currently pregnant and on arabin pessary since 15w and on my 22w abdomen follow up, ultrasound clearly shown U-shaped funneling. Specialist then proceed with transvaginal ultrasound and pelvic exam and found out that 1cm dilated and 1cm cl. Currently on my 22w and has just undergone emergency mcdonald cerclage.

I let myself bed rest eventhough gynae did not advise to go for full bedrest. Im placing a triangle shaped pillow under hip/knee for slight hip elevation and only taking toilet break off bed.

Few days post op i'll sometimes felt like baby kicking something at down there As if like dat movement makes me wanna pee immediately. Is dis normal? Should i be worried.. also some muscle pelvic pain. But ive been on bed rest, will dis pain still happen?

Is my resting posture ok with the triangle pillow placement? Need advise please.

Also,  im seriously in need of some positive experience and thought.. please pray for me! Thank you ladies..

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  • Resting in bed as often as you can and taking the weight off your cervix is a great idea. Your resting position and pillow use are just fine.l but try to lie on your sides and not your back. Side lying helps better blood flow to fetus and is better for you as well. The feeling to pee urgently after baby kicks around down low is normal too as fetuses kick and punch on the bladder more and harder as they grow. Muscles/pelvic pain is normal too. The muscles that attach the outside of the uterus to your body/skeleton are being stretched as your uterus grows and that can cause some muscles pain or twinges. Sounds like you are doing well after your procedure and should continue to do well. Every day your fetus stays in utero is three days less he will be in the NICU. Every day staying pregnant is a victory. Hang in there mama. You’re only three/four weeks away from survival chances of born at 26 weeks or later being very good/high chances. You’re almost to that point. You will make it. Rest often, eat well, get sleep, and avoid stress. Good luck!