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  • Maria  I so get that.  I love that during SU I am the mom to ALL THREE of my babies.  I don't have to worry about mentioning her and the silence that comes from people who don't get it.  At Share I get hugs, and TRINITY exist!  It the one place where I feel she hasnt been forgotten!    


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    A complete sobbing melt down is met with gentle hugs and pats on the back instead of people trying desperately to calm you or simply running away. At SU, everyone gets that these moment have become part of who we are.

    You will realize that you are important to people in ways you never imagined. People will become important to you in ways you never imagined. And there is so much love.


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    You'll find out that the way that you think your Share friends sound when they talk is not always what you expect!  Accents are everywhere and so fun to "translate"!!  The South vs. Staten Island is always fun!!!Smile

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    Wow reading through this thread I realized something so amazing..... Other than here on the website, SU is the only time during the year I am called "Luis' mommy". I love that because I am, I'm and Angel mommy and everyone knows that. I BELONG. People who were once strangers from around the world know my Angel's name, that's something so treasured because as many of yall know this is my only support group and being in a room filled with moms and dads that understand me is just simply amazing.......


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    This is the weekend to focus on you your angel/miracle. For me, it's one of the very few times I can be Ethan & Casey's mom first. There's an ample mix of tears and laughter, and forever friendships made.

  • SU is an Incredibly healing weekend. You get to focus on YOU. In addition, you learn something new about yourself too. For example, last year a friend pointed out that I was a two-fisted drinker:)

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    Some of the best friends I have came from Share, and Share Union allows me to hug all of them in real life. I love reconnecting and making new friends. This year will be my 7th ShareUnion!  I will go as ling as they have them.


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    You will be amazed how much you can cry so much AND laugh so hard in one weekend. Crying on the shoulders of total strangers and laughing till you cant breath.....creates our SHARE family

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    The first day Share Union is a little like the first day of school. It can be scary and intimidating. You may wonder why you agreed to spend the weekend with a bunch of people you don't know.

    Those feelings last about five minutes.

    You will meet the people behind the screen names and photographs. You will realize these people get you and understand the world in which you exist.

    It's like a sorority that none of us wanted to join... but man, I'm glad it exists.

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    At first everything is a bit intimidating but by the end of the weekend you will have so many new friends, especially Facebook friends. People will know you as your Share name, so there is this ego bust that is like "people read what I write! Ha!" Or that may have just been me. You won't want to life. You won't want to get on the plane.


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    Once you go to one, you'll never want to miss another one.  Then if you do miss one, you'll be wondering what everyone is doing it and wishing you could be giving everyone in person hugs instead of hanging out at home!

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    You will learn something meaningful that will stick with you long after you leave.  I can't wait to find out what it will be this year!

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    You will not be the same person you were when you left home.  You will grow, you will see people grow.  You will realize there is a group of people out there who "get it" without even saying a word....  they get it!

  • * You will more than likely be terrified to come out and meet a large group of strangers, however at the end of the weekend you will have 50 new best friends!