Share Union 2014 was GREAT!

Hi everyone. This was our first year at Share Union and we wanted to thank everyone for being so friendly and welcoming. We met so many wonderful people. Some parts of the weekend were difficult for us, especially with our loss being recent, but it was so worth it. Thanks to everyone who was there and especially to the team who put it all together. Looking forward to getting to know you all better here on Share!

-Erin & Ryan

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  • Erin & Ryan-

    Thank you for sharing your baby girl Sarah with us. I too wish that we had more time to visit with each other. So many of us wish that SU could last a week, but we'd probably still want more time. There is something so amazing and comforting being in a room full of people who understand your pain. I hope to see you at SU next year:) It was such a nice treat to have it held in AZ, very special for us local gals. I know that we live at opposite ends of the Valley, but I'm just an email or phone chat away:)



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    Erin and Ryan, so happy that you both made it. Angel Sarah is blessed to have you as parents and doing so much in her honor. Please check in often, and I hope to see you and talk with you at next year's SU.


  • Erin and Ryan

    Thank you for sharing your sweet Sarah With us this weekend.  Like Marissa said I hate the reason's our paths have crossed but thankful to not have to go at it alone!  Hope to see you next year!  

    All my love and Hugs


  • Erin and Ryan

    I am so glad that you came to Share Union.  I loved talking with both of you and hearing about Sarah and all the good your are doing for others in her honor. I am sorry that you had to find us, but I am so happy that you are part of Share family.

    Many hugs,


  • In reply to Akeelah's Mommy:

    Sorry, I accidentally cut the end off of my message. I meant to add:  I'm so honored you shared your journey with us.

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    Erin and Ryan,

    It was so nice to meet both of you. I am so glad you came. I adored hearing about Sarah.


  • Erin and Ryan- or as you're better known in my mind as "Sarah's mom and dad".  It was a pleasure to welcome to our Share Family.  I'm so thankful  we got to know a little bit more about your sweet Sarah- and hope you'll update throughout your journey.  She has touched so many lives already.