Welcome to Share Union 2015- Introduce Yourself

Welcome! Please take a moment and introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about why you are attending Share Union 2015. If you would like, please share a photo of yourself so we can recognize you in Chicago.

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    Hello!  I am looking forward to meeting you!  This is my first time attending!

  • Hi there!  My name is Aimee aka Aileigh.  I am from KY and this will be my 8th Share Union!!  I am a mom to a 33 weeker Ryan who is now 9, a 37 weeker Nick who is now 6 (turning 7 while I am at SU which is why I missed one), and Eligh who is a 38 weeker born with a birth defect Malrotation of the Intestines.  Eligh has also been diagnosed with Eosiphilic Esophagitis and has a G tube.  Share literally saved my life and  Share Union is not only a great resource an learning experience for me every year, but also "my" time to let off a little steam.  You guessed it, I am a little wild and crazy.  I look forward to seeing all of you in Chicago!!

  •  Hi My name is Karri and I've been a ShareYourStory Mom since the site was launched in 2004. This will be my 11th ShareUnion and I can't imagine being anywhere else in October. I have 4 children. Ian is 16yrs old and my only healthy, full-term baby. My twin girls Hanna and Rachel are 14 yrs old. They were born at 25 weeks gestation due to PROM. My youngest son Will was born at 36 weeks after 13 weeks of complete bed rest due PTL. ShareUnion allows me to be surrounded by Moms who truly understand the loss of a healthy pregnancy, birth and the NICU journey. No one in the room expects me to "be over" the pain I still carry in my heart from all that was taken from me when my girls were born so early and so sick, or when I once again faced complications with Will's pregnancy and birth. I look forward to the hugs, the laughter and the acceptance that ShareUnion brings to me.

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    So happy you can finally make it! I think you're going to love it. :-)
  • My name is Cathy and I have been on Share Your Story since it was born way, way back when. I have never been to a ShareUnion before. I am excited to make this my first one. I have an 11 year old, 8 year old and 4 year old. Ry was born at 27 weeks due to polyhydramnios. Read more on blog, Baby Beluga. Matt was born at 35 weeks due to pre-e. Ali was born at 39 weeks after bedrest, medication and weekly visits with high risk doctors. I will come for the majority of the day Saturday. I work Saturday morning. I am very happy to have ShareUnion in my backyard, making it a possibility for me to attend.
  •  Hello, I'm erin (ethan & casey's mom), and I hail from Pittsburgh, Pa. I found share in 2007 not long after I lost my twin sons Ethan & Casey at 22w5d.

    This will be my seventh SU. Although I was hesitant attending my first one, I can't imagine being anywhere else in the fall. For me, Share is about the only time of year I can be Ethan & Casey's mom first. It's the time of year when I can channel my connection with my sons, which often gets interrupted in my daily life by work and caring for my two full-term rainbows, Kaelin (6) and Kelsey (3 1/2).

    I look forward reconnecting with old friends and making new friends.


  • Hi There,

    I'm Lauren, aka Akeelah's Mommy.  Note to self- take more pictures of myself- man this was hard to find and already quite dated!  

    I've been a member of Share since 2008.  This will be my... 8th ShareUnion? Wait is that right?  Wow!  Where does the time go?  I've left each ShareUnion with a renewed sense of place, with firmer stance on the ever changing sands beneath my feet.  I can't wait to see what this year's ShareUnion brings.

    I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and welcoming new. 

    Welcome to new folks in the thread that are attending for the first time!  It's such a wonderful and healing weekend and I look forward to meeting! :)

  • I'm Shannon (shannonmp) from Central NY. I found Share in January of 2010, about a month after losing my twin boys, Tristan and Gunnar, to premature birth. I blogged almost every day for several months, sometimes twice a day! I attended my first Share Union later that year, even though I was very anxious about going to meet a bunch of people I knew, but had never seen, people who knew the darkest moments of my life. As soon as I arrived I felt welcomed and had a wonderful weekend of being the "new" me. I missed SU last year, the first year since my sons' births and deaths that I didn't go. I never want to miss it again! I'm looking forward to real life hugs and a chance to spend a weekend just being mom to my boys with people who understand that is such a huge part of who I am even though I have no living children. 

  • Hi  I am Nicole Miller but I go by Nicki.  This will be my 3rd Shareunion.  I attended my first shareunion from the encouragement of some of the fantastic ladies here on Share.  I wasn't sure what to expect and why I was going away for a weekend to meet a bunch of people I had never met.  It turned out to be a great weekend and I look forward to it every year.  I found Share after my son Scott died when he was 2 weeks old.  Although I had a great support system with family and friends I just felt like no one truly got it.  Then I found Share your story.  and found  some of the best people who I now am privileged to call friends.    I look forward to seeing everyone and just having a chance to be Scott's mom for a weekend.  Plus I get to room with my great friend from the state next door  Rachel!  

  • Hello My Name is Samantha aka TrinitysMommy. I live in Florida. This year will be my 7th ShareUnion!    I am the mom to my sunshine Jadon, 34 weeker who is now 10.  My sweet angel Trinity who was born and passed at 25 weeks due to growth restriction and PreE on August 18 2006.  I am also the mom to a beautiful rainbow Jaxson who was born at 32 weeks.    Share has always been my safe place.   ShareUnion allows us to put faces to the names and real hugs to the people who help us along our journey.  ShareUnion is healing and growth within ourselves.  I am who I am today thanks to the amazing people here and I absolutely love being able to be in a room surrounded by people who just "get it".  Can't wait to see you all in Chicago.  p.s. I have never been this far north in my life! 


    Much Love,


  • Hello!!! It's me, Tracey,  I am  Jacoby's Mom.  I have one full term 42 weeker that is now almost 21,  I had one miscarriage at 16 weeks  almost 16 years ago,  I had one still birth that died six hours into my labor because my water broke prematurely, that's Jacoby.   Jacoby is how I got to Share, when he died I googled "My baby died now what" and up popped my life saver, a boat in my storm.    I'm so excited for my third SU,  I've missed two in between and when I missed, I was miserable.    I am attending because it's a time to connect, refresh, heal, and grow. I look forward to seeing everyone who I have bonded with and visiting with you all in what I consider a "safe haven". Looking forward to making new friends and seeing old ones!

  • Hey lovely ladies!!!! As most of you know I'm Ronesha, but most of you call me Nesha or Ro. I had an high risk preganancy in 2011 at the age of 35. My first live birth. He came at 27 weeks and 6 days weighing an hefty one pound and ten ounces!!! Zacchaeus was my true love, nothing but perfection. It was an plus that he was cute like his mama. Zacc had several sugeries including a PDA ligation, central lines, tapping his belly for fluid, tracheonomy and ROP correction in his left eye. Zacc faught 6 months to stay with us but instead received his wings on January 29, 2012. "Share" saved my life and this sisterhood I have now I would not trade it for all the gold in the world. I love you all and can not wait to see you!!!! #shelbyvilleKY #angelmommy #weewarrior
  • Hello!  My name is Heather and I'm new to Share Union, but not to prematurity.  My son was born at 28w5d due to severe preeclampsia.  He weighed 938 grams, 12.5 inches long.  He/we spent 112 days in the NICU and he came home with an NG tube and on O2, with lots of meds.  Jack will be 5 in August.  In the past 5 years, we have been through a lot....doctors appointments, therapies, PTSD, CLD, FTT, one hospital stay...I could go on.  I find myself in an unexpected "phase" right now, where I am re-grieving all that we experienced due to prematurity since I gave birth to a healthy, full-term little girl 18 months ago (Harper).  I'm really looking forward to connecting with families in any phase of this journey!

  •  Hi! I am Brandi. This will be my very first Share Union! I am mom to Abbey, who is 6 years old, soon to be a first grader. I am Angel Mom to Josie, who was born on January 29, 2007 and passed away on February 7, 2007, due to the chromosomal abnormality Trisomy 18. I found this site 8 years ago but only recently became an active blogger. I have had a family team with the March for Babies since 2008. I walked in the first one when I was pregnant with Abbey!

    I am attending Share because I want to connect with the women I have "met" on Share and learn more about my grieving process and how I can use Josie's memory to help others.

    I am so excited for this opportunity to meet everyone!

  • I'm so excited for SU!!!! For those on Share who don't know me, I'm Rebecca. I had a twenty six weeker who weighed 790 g at birth three years ago. She is my one and only. This will be my third Share Union.

    I attended my first one because a good friend from my local chapter suggested it. It was the first time since my baby's NICU stay that I didn't feel so alone. I went to my second because I knew these were the people who really understood my journey. I needed the emotional support and understanding since our course was not as predicted. I'm attending my third one because, even though it's in a different city every year, it feels like I'm going home. We all need our place and our people. For me, ShareUnion is both of those things. 

    I can't wait to see everyone I know and I can't wait to meet the people I don't know.