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My little princess is almost to her 34 week mark and asking for more milk but I'm only getting 4 to 5 oz a day  it's very difficult pumping m nothing coming out half of the time . I wonder will it be different once I'm able to breastfeed her. Will I be able to produce enough so I won't have to switch to can milk

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  • Hi there, I know you are eager to breastfeed but I was the same way with my supply when I delivered at 34 weeks. It took drinking a TON of water (more than I ever thought I could drink) and eating lots of protein for it to pick up. I never ended up breastfeeding, and just pumped the entire time. Good luck mama!
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    Thanks yes this is very helpful
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    Thanks so much I will asked the Dr tonight about that
  • Have you begun putting her to breast yet? If not ask when you can begin to do so. It does stimulate milk more naturally. That said, after 5 months of pumping ( and building up a 9 month supply of breast milk) for my twin girls I had to switch them to formula eventually because I couldn't make enough milk to give them what they needed. We had been supplementing for about 2 months prior too the full switch. Both of my girls did very well. Please know that your daughter can do well too. Sure breast is best (as the saying goes) but its not always best when its making you very stressed (which can reduce production too). Give yourself permission to switch if that's what has to happen. You're an amazing Mom doing that best you can. Love is the best thing you can give your baby and you're doing that every day.

  • I took a breastfeeding course as a counselor. It's a demand and supply. The more you breastfeed your baby the more you produce. Unfortunately, this is not the case with pumping. The baby latching on to your breast triggers your brain. First couple of days your baby's stomach is the size of a marble just a visual to keep in mind. Goes to a pin pong ball,egg etc.

    Hopefully this is helpful.
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