MFB Fundraising Ideas

Hi everyone! 

Here are some March For Babies (MFB) fundraising ideas: 

1) Share your personal or team MFB page on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

2) Crafty? Sell crafts on Etsy and donate proceeds to your MFB team. 

3) Ask everyone you know to save their spare change in a jar for your MFB team. 

4) Speak to local businesses that do a charity night and organize one. Many businesses like bowling alleys, restaurants, ice cream shops, etc will donate a percentage or proceeds from an evening to your team. 

5) Share your story with others and explain why March of Dimes is important to you. 

What other ideas do you guys have?

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  • I find the best fundraiser is our child. People find children cute and have a hard time saying no to them. So each year we brainstorm with my son a fundraiser he can do. Last year he popped across the usa and got a donation from every state. This year he is trying to wall paper our spare room in paper popcorn. Every $5 donation gets a piece of popcorn. I find people are super generous and think it's really awesome when children are fundraising for good deeds for others.