Family Teams

Do you have a March For Babies Family Team? What is your team's name? Why does your team walk? 

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  • We are Team Popcorn! I know how in the world did my family get that name...we get that question a lot. We walk in memory of my son Scott who died when he was 14 days old. We do not share names of the babies when I am pregnant with them. ( who wants everyone's opinions...) So our 3 year old at the time decided the baby in my belly was Baby Popcorn. Soon everyone who knew us was calling my unborn child baby popcorn. So it only seemed fitting to name our team, Team popcorn when we formed it. Walking is our way of remembering Scott and it's our day to celebrate him. We always tell people that we don't get Christmas, Easter, Halloween or any of those other days with Scott but we get the day of the walk and that is his day.