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Parenting military children in the face of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • I loved reading your post!! This is definitely something that hits close to home for me and my family! My husband is separating from the military after 30 years... in 6 weeks. Because he is special forces, he has kept his PTSD under wraps to keep deploying, keep a security clearance, and essentially support our family. Now that it's time to claim disability, he is coming to terms with 30 years of service and experiences that we will never understand. Not only that, he feels like he is losing his identity. I never imagined how hard this transition would be for him, our family, our marriage, and even me! I have to give myself permission to be angry and sad too. I remind myself daily that I'm allowed to feel these feelings. It's been very important for us to seek out professional help in dealing with PTSD and learn how to navigate this new territory. Especially for me! I have not lost my friends in tragic accidents. I have not lived my life daily, being terrified of being attacked. I haven't spent my day jumping from airplanes at 20k feet or dismantled bombs for a living. Helping a spouse and family through PTSD takes patience, understanding, and a wealth of resources. Thanks for sharing!!!  :)