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Third Trimester During Summer

Hello All! This is my first pregnancy, and I will be in my third trimester during July/August. Does anyone have some great tips or advice for staying comfortable during those hot and humid summer months?

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  • Hi there, welcome to the group! I have two little ones and I was pregnant all summer with my first. It seemed like the hottest and longest summer :) I cranked up the AC and had a small osculating fan on my night stand. During the day make sure to wear loose fitting airy clothes - I loved maternity dresses they were effortless and cute. If you are outside for long periods or jumping in and out of the car running errands, always have drinking water along. Lastly and the most important, make sure to wear lots of sunscreen. I never really had to worry about this before but the prenatal vitamins or hormones, not sure which, made me very susceptible to the sun. Good luck!