a. Preparing for the big day

The NICU may have started to feel like a second home to you. The thought of leaving can be both exciting and scary. For weeks or months you’ve been surrounded by a health care team who’s been caring for your baby. But when your baby’s home, the team will be far away. Many parents feel worried and stressed as discharge day gets closer.

While your baby is still in the NICU, talk about the day your baby comes home. What do you want that day to be like? Who do you want to be there when you get home? Do you have everything you need? Do you know where your baby will sleep?

You may not get much notice about when your baby can go home. In fact, sometimes parents find out that their baby is being sent home a day or two ahead of time. So it’s a good idea to have your home ready for your baby. Use the Bringing Baby Home Checklist to help you get ready.