f. Learn about your baby's medicines

Some babies go home from the NICU still taking medicines. Learn how to give your baby his medicine before he leaves the hospital. Write down all the directions.

When giving your baby medicine, make sure you know:

  • Where you can get the prescription filled (at a grocery store, a drug store or a pharmacy)
  • How much medicine to give, how often to give it and when to stop giving it
  • If you can give it before, during or after feedings
  • If the medicine needs to be refrigerated, prepared or mixed
  • What to do if you miss a dose
  • If your baby needs more than one medicine, if you can give them together at the same time

You also need to know:

  • What position the baby should be in
  • What to do if the baby spits up or vomits the medicine
  • If there are any side effects from the medicine and what to do it your baby has them.

If your baby is taking several medicines or taking medicine several times a day, ask the nurse to help you make a chart to help you keep track of what to give and when to give it.